Thursday 14th March – Luke 6:39-42 ‘What’s in my eye?’

Luke 6:39-42

It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that we’re very good at spotting other people’s sins.  More than that, we’re most likely to spot the things in other people that we’re most prone to doing ourselves.  I personally know loads of people who do that… and that’s the point isn’t it?  Of course I can spot this failing in others – but what about closer to home?  The truth is that I do this, too.  We all do – it’s part of the selfishness of the human condition.

So, Jesus gives us one very simple, life-changing principle: test your own actions first, make sure your own behaviour matches up – and only then can you address it in others.  He’s not saying that we should never challenge wrong behaviour – only that we should get our own house in order first.  Once we’ve done that, then, as he says, we’ll see clearly what’s wrong in the world around us, and have the integrity to address it.

There’s an undercurrent of humility which runs throughout this section of Scripture.  Humility is really about self-awareness, having a true estimate of yourself.  The more we see ourselves as we really are, the more we’ll cultivate a life which looks more like the master’s – and also, the more grace we’ll share with others.

In a world where public discourse is increasingly dominated by who can tell the best lies most convincingly, and where the shortcomings of our own position are best drowned out by vocal finger pointing at the other side, how we need this teaching of Jesus!  Life is ultimately about following the right models, the right examples, the best teachers.  If we choose the wrong people to follow, they’ll lead us (and themselves) into a hole (v39). 

On the other hand, if we follow the best teacher (v40 – and we know who this is) then we can become like them: a fully aware, gracious, humble, authentic human being.

So, today, let’s all pray for grace to live with this kind of humility – in other words, with self-awareness, and a willingness to look first at our own hearts, before reacting to others’.  And may the Master Teacher be our guide, our way and our life this week, and this season.