Day 19: Tuesday 19th December – Luke 2:19-20 ‘Mary treasured all these things…’

Luke 2:19-20

Just a very short reflection from me today. I have always been struck by v19, and Mary’s capacity to treasure what she sees and knows. It is a great gift, and one we have largely lost as a society. Everything is instant, and we move from one experience or morsel of useful info to the next.

It was the old philosopher Plato who said that: ‘The unreflected life is the unlived life.’ We all need to treasure more. I certainly do. To allow ourselves time to dwell on beautiful truths; to root ourselves in things that are solid and permanent; to drink deep of profound experiences.

Mary was perhaps privileged to share more than most. But her simple lesson lives on, and is pure gold. Here’s to treasuring.

Give yourself a few minutes to reflect and pray on this question: what will you ‘treasure’ today?