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Restoration Fund

We currently raising money to pay for some much needed repairs to our beautiful and historical church. Any donations would be gratefully received - please contact us via the Contact Form.


All Saints Church Milton Keynes Village has in the recent past undergone two major restorations. The first which was begun in the late 1970's was concerned with making the tower structurally safe, re-hanging the bells and working on generally improving the fabric of the building.


A second and on-going stage of restoration was undertaken beginning at All Saints tide in 2003. The major piece of restoration work undertaken was the complete re-roofing of the building at a cost of over £200,000, a significant amount of which came from English Heritage and other charities. This work ensured that the building is now water tight and is capable of being used for many years to come.


Currently two further large pieces of work have been identified as being required to be undertaken. The first of these involves repairs to the internal roof where plasterwork has fallen either as a consequence of time or the replacement of the external roof. The cost of these repairs is estimated to be approximately £20,000.


The most recent survey of the building has revealed bowing of the stained glass windows and damage to the stone tracery at the east end of the church and on the south side of the chancel. On completion of the roof repairs this will be the next priority for fund raising.



In addition to the restoration programme the church has a re-ordering programme which will enable the building to be more effectively used. The first stage of this re-ordering has been the building of toilets on the north side of the church. The provision of toilet facilities has made the church much more family friendly and also suitable as a venue for concerts and exhibitions.

The next stages of the re-ordering will be


• to improve disabled access to the building
• re-ordering of the west end of the church to provide a baptistery area, replacing the Victorian font with the medieval font currently in the north chapel
• providing storage and kitchen facilities at the west end
• providing glass partitioning to convert the north chapel into a meeting room
• improving the lighting

It is estimated that the total costs of this re-ordering will be in excess of £200,000.